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How To Get Free Pases For Episode Choose Your Story

Episode Create A Story

Episode Choose Your Story is a cool simulation game with an interactive storytelling theme that offers a dating experience with a storyline that you can create yourself with interesting features in it.

Developed by Pocket Gems and published by Episode Interactive, Episode Choose Your Story can be downloaded for free via the AppStore for iOS phones and Playstore for Android based phones.

When playing Episode Choose Your Story, you can choose the date you want. but of course it's not all that easy. To be able to ask a character out on a date in this game, you also have to interact first.

Unlike other games, if in general the game characters have been determined by the developer at the beginning, in Episode Choose Your Story you can more freely change the appearance of the characters in the story that will be played or even create new characters that can be adjusted to your will.

By playing the game episode choose your story you can become a character in the game you are playing and bring your own story to life.

All the answers you take in this game will determine your own storyline because every decision you take will lead you to a different story in the end. fun right?

Thanks to its popularity, Episode - Choose Your Story can now be read in 6 different languages and has been installed more than 100 million times and makes this game the biggest story telling game with 150,000+ stories and 25 million registered creator accounts.

Episodes Unlimited Gems and Passes

To succeed in this game, you must have a lot of important resources, such as Gems and Passes. By having a lot of Gems, it's the same as having a lot of money which means you can do what you want more easily in this game.

While Passes are used to go through 1 or more chapters that you think are not important or even boring to play faster so that you can master the game more effectively and easily.

Unfortunately Episode interactive puts a maximum limit on the number of gems and passes you can have for a certain period. This of course can be a barrier for you to succeed in the Episode Choose Your Story game that you are playing.

But if you can't wait, the Episode Interactive gives you the option to get lots of gems and passes instantly by buying them. Of course this will require real money to be able to exchange it for the gems and passes you need.

How to get free episode passes

If you are currently in need of free gems and passes, you can fix this right away because our site is the solution. By utilizing the generator from myepisodegems.online you can easily get free and unlimited daily free episode gems passes in just a few minutes.

Myepisodegems.online is a simple, easy to use third party application that is compatible with all browsers and can give you gems and passes for free and without any cost.

The generator that we have developed is also proven to be safe because it is continuously updated, tested and verified, and has been used by more than 50 thousand active users to date.

Curious? Please follow the steps and get free gems and passes for episodes for you to play.

How to Use My Episode Gems Generator?

In just 3 simple steps you are able to get unlimited Gems!

Step 1: Select your device

Step 2: Select the amount of your Gems.

Step 3: Click Generate Button.

The system will start starting the hacking procedure and adding gems to your account automatically.

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